Security Software


In the dynamic world where information security has become a major player for entreprises and organizations, along with Cyber security, Physical access security remains an important target for theft. Nanofritech Consulting introduces “TheSens” that provides complete security solutions for organizations. With robust technologies using existing solutions and proprietary designs, the access security solutions tackle various market domains. You think you have information to secure, an Infrastructure to protect, then get TheSens, an advanced system:

  • Advanced CCTV Monitoring with Possibility of Image/Face Detection & Recognition
  • Web Front-End Integration
  • Alarming through Email Notifications

Benefits and Advantages

  • Easy to deploy platform
  • On Dashboard Alarming Notification in terms of usual behaviour of an unidentifei face/area.
  • Customized Back-End
  • 27/7 Survelliance with trend of abnormal behaviours of faces.
  • High processing speed and Fast data retrieval.
  • Scalability

High Level Architecture


CCTV monitoring:

For complexes, Buildings and private houses. This includes normal momitoring and the ability to watch historical video recorded on DVRs.

Movement Sensing & tracking:

When “TheSens” is deployed with movement sensing and tracking capabilities, the cameras move to the direction of the movement to capture images and record from the busy area rather quiet areas. Cameras are mounted with movement and proximity sensors which rotate the cameras at the right angles.