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Intelligentia system is a Web application designed to simplify the management of educational institutions. Facilitate internal and external interactions within the institution and between the institution and the parents.
Tagschool management system
PartnerIBN Technologies

Intelligentia key features

Reduce the manual work involved in the management of communication within the school.
Rapid dissemination of information between school and parents.
Email distribution
SMS distribution
Online view of calendar events.
Online and automated generation of academic records / reports.
Automated distribution of test, exam and homework grades to students and parents.
Automated audit and report on academic performance based on prediction techniques and artificial intelligence.
Secure data management with hosting at school (offline) or in the cloud (online).


Online installation platform (in the cloud) or offline (at school) Secured access Informative dashboards


Personal details of students and teachers

Details of Schedules and Events


Prediction engine and artificial intelligence

Automated audit and report on academic performance