Analytics Services

1. Analytics and predictive learning

Developed by experienced Telecoms Consultants & Software developers FluxRan is the Nanofitech Consulting’ Wireless RAN Solution that currently provides: 

  • Fast Sites creation via template
  • Configuration correction
  • Parameter Auditing
  • Configuration benchmarking
    (Against operator standard)
  • Neighbors Auditing
  • Frequency Audits
  • RAN Resource Auditing

2. FluxOpt

Overview and Benefits

  • Optimizaion platform to monitor Cellular Radio Experience.
  • More than 80% of problems in mobile networks comes from Radio part
  • A standalone system that will be integrated with any other tool
  • Kepp track of production at each single point
  • Display a detailed SCADA system reflecting the current prouction
  • Develop preictive miantenance to avoid unnecessary downtime
  • diagnose and report all occured faults
  • Generate intelligent and decentralized report for supervisor and management
  • FluxOpt takes any data source with good mediation layer including:
    • Probes information
    • Drive tests information
    • XDRs