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Nanofritech Consulting is a consulting-oriented group of qualified and multi-skilled engineers and researchers in various areas. The Group provides Software, Engineering Solutions and Expertise to organizations as well as individuals.

Who We Are

Nanofritech Consulting is a consortium of highly skilled engineers, working in unison for the betterment of our society through responsible applications of technology. Trained in highly ranked engineering institutions and driven by desire to make the society…

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What We Do

Nanofritech Consulting offers Software solutions in various domains depending on the customer needs. We develop software for various industries including but not limited to Telecoms, Automation, Medical, Security and Educational Institutes…

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Our Works

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Analytics Services

With the millions of Data generated by Telecoms Services, Our skilled Engineers provides multiple Professional Services in the area of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to find useful traffic patterns that can support different business decisions. Affordable Service prices and Efficient Solution. Give us the data, we tell you what is happening inside the data. Contact us for Telecoms services Analytics at a very affordable price.
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Security Software

In the dynamic world where information security has become a major player for enterprises and organizations, along with Cyber security, Physical access security remains an important target for theft. We provide Security Access services and solutions to protect Infrastructures. From large scale CCTV installation to Biometric solution Installation. Very affordable Service prices and Efficient Solution. Request a Quote.
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Management Software

Management softwares  are softwares  used for project planning, scheduling, resource allocation and change management. It allows project managers (PMs), stakeholders and users to control costs and manage budgeting, quality management and documentation and also may be used as an administration system.
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What We Do?

Here are some of them

Web Design

We develop Professional and State of the Art Web sites, from simple blogs to e-Commerce websites at affordable prices.
Designed by skilled engineers, we provide full supports and Maintenance of our websites.

Database and Software application development

Do you have any process that is done manually and want to automate it? We develop resource management application from the Back-End to the Front-End.
Making life easy through software development. Our applications can be sold as services, making them affordable for all.
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Analytics and Predictive Learning

We also provide consulting services on Data Analytics. Using most known algorithms, we can analyze big size of data to uncover useful data patterns, following international standard process for Data Mining.
Request our services and Pay only when the work is done.
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Research and Internships

In order to promote young students seeking real world experience, we also offer experience learning in new technologies. Mentored by experienced engineers, we ensure that our students face the industry with intense knowledge of new technology and certifications.

Our Clients

Dedicated Technical Team

Nanofritech works hands in hands with Researchers and Developers that are from universities, to experienced consultants in various domains.